Doing this tour is an adventurous one, this was the home of one of the slaves master of Montego Bay, where he fell in love with a white witch lady that came from England and went to Haiti to study Voodoo, after which she came over to Jamaica and married to this plantation owner, and then she killed him, married to two more husband and killed them also, then the 4 guy that she was in love with, kills her and now it is been renovated and is been used as an attraction for both night and day tours.

This has great historical information, beautiful ocean view, antique furnitures, paintings and unique cut stones designs to view while on a tour.

Next destination is one of the most intriguing attraction Martha Brae Bamboo Rafting, it revitalize your mind, body and soul, going down the River through the luscious vegetation on a bamboo raft. While going down stream it normal for captain to hand over there raft stick to guest, for captain lessons and picture purpose.



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